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Midstates Horse Shows gratefully acknowledges
the sponsorship support of Visit Mason City and the Iowa Department of Economic Development
for the 2012 show season.

Don't miss A Day with Brownie!
Monday, June 11, 2012.
A full day session with Otis Brown 'Brownie' will cover:
Training Technique, Equitation, Professional Etiquette, Lunch, Judges' Perspectives, and end up traveling to Fort Custer's Maze in Clear Lake with Jane Schweiger and Kris Rame, to celebrate Kris' non-admissible age!

2012 Midstates Horse Shows

Officials & Course Designers

Spring May 2 - 6
Judges: Otis Brown | Andy Lomker | Paul Sullivan
Course Designers: Pam Keeler | Mauricio Garcia

Summerfest June 6 - 10
Judges: Otis Brown | Paddy Downing-Nyegard | Kerry Kocher
Course Designers: Robyn Eden | Danny Foster

Summer June 13 - 17
Judges: Chuck Mayer | Jill Worman | Carol Molony
Course Designers: Robyn Eden | Florencia Hernandez

Fall September 12 - 16
Judges: Jean Marie Dunford-Miller | Mike Rosser | Paul Sullivan
Course Designers: Pam Keeler | Doug Russell

Minnesota Harvest Horse Show October 2 - 6
To Be Announced

Midstates 2012 show schedule is sponsored in part by Visit Mason City (www.VisitMasonCityIowa.com).
Our Summerfest & Summer Shows are sponsored by Iowa Department of Economic Development.